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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Painting Contractor in Los Angeles – Certified Painters INC

Painters can transform your business space or office easily only if you hire the right Industrial Painting Contractor in Los Angeles.

The wrong one can cost you loads of frustration and money.  Painting the business space or office is a big expense, but never make the mistake of choosing the contractor based only on saving the money. As a result, you might end up choosing an inexperienced, unlicensed or unqualified painter who will leave you with the job that needs to do again.


Here are 7 things you need to consider before hiring a painting contractor.


It may be a little weird but you need to check whether the contractor has insurance or not before hiring them.

Remember that the contractor is working at your business space or office. You may have insurance to cover accidents, it is the contractor’s responsibility to also have adequate insurance.

Don’t hire someone unless they have comprehensive business liability with a minimum of a million-dollar limit.  It protects your property from the damage by the contractor.

However, check your contractor is carrying workmen’s compensation to protect the workers while they are on your property. It protects you from having liability from accidents.

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Some of the licenses are only for residential or commercial properties. Many are only for small jobs, but not big.

So, make sure that your contractor carries proper licensing for the property and the scope of your job.

You can search this online and check if the contractor has any unresolved complaints.

Warranty or Guarantee

A company that preps each job thoroughly doesn’t cut the corners and uses quality paint will stand behind their work. One to three years of warranty is common in every reputable company.

So, make sure that the warranty covers material as well as labor in the case of a defect. Try to understand the exclusions and get the warranty in writing.

Materials and Techniques

It is really important to have the contractor specify in writing the materials that will be used before you hire them.

Remember, the sub-par materials will not last long and won’t hold up to weathering or wear and tear and will also not cove up imperfections.  Don’t choose a contractor who opts for cheap products as it always pays to pay you more.

It is because the more expensive materials and paints are filled with ingredients that make the paint last longer. Make sure that the contractor intends to do solid prep work.

You can ask them how they will repair the damages like flaking, holes and rough edges before they start painting.

Safe and Trained

While the painting job is taking place, you will have many people in and out of your business space or office.

So, it is important that you trust them.  Does the contractor run a criminal background check or not? Will the contractor use subcontractors or employees? It’s a good idea to steer clear of a contractor who uses subcontractors as they won’t be able to vouch for their safety, training or quality of work.

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