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Choosing the Right Finish for the Interior of Your Commercial Building is Crucial

Getting the interior of your Commercial Building repainted after a few years is not only nice but necessary too.

You can do it because of some occasion like a holiday or a family function. You can also get it one to change the color scheme and get rid of the boredom.

Whatever the reason is, choosing the right option is crucial. Be it the color/s or the contractor or the time, you need to be careful with the choice. Hiring professional Interior Commercial Painting Los Angeles service from Certified Painters INC will help.

Knowing About the Various Paint Finishes

Along with deciding on several areas regarding the painting or repainting job, you need to select the right finish for the interior of the Commercial Building.

With the advancement in technology, various aspects of painting have evolved. For instance, the mixing technology has evolved a lot which has made it possible to achieve the exact color and shade which will look perfect.

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Hence, it has become crucial to choose the right finishing for the paint job as well. There are quite a few of them and they are:

The Flat Finish

It comes with a matte appearance which is non-reflective. This feature is pretty effective to hide issues like surface imperfections. Such a finish is considered for the ceiling and areas where you do not go frequently.

With the use of right colors, such areas can look sophisticated and the finish will look perfect as a feature wall.

The Eggshell Finish

This one comes with a low sheen look and the effect is meant to replicate the finish of an eggshell. It is also a good choice for walls because of its capability of hiding imperfections.

The paint is also pretty easy to clean. If you are looking for a decorative finish where a low luster finish is required, going for this finish will be perfect.

The Satin Finish

As the name suggests, this one comes with a velvety texture and a pearl-like glow.

The paints used are designed for easy cleaning and withstand light scrubbing as well. This feature makes the satin finish better for doors and woodwork as well. Hiring one of the best interior painting contractors in Los Angeles will provide the same information and advice.

The Semi-Gloss Finish

This one comes with a subtle shine and is often applied to doors, windows, skirtings, trims and so on.

These paints provide a durable surface which offers easy cleaning feature. Due to this nature, these paints are perfect for places where moisture is accumulated the most including bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and such. The ability to tolerate a damp environment is better with these paints.

The High-Gloss Finish

As the name makes it clear, this kind of paints has a shiny and very reflective appearance. Normally they are not chosen for walls, though they are stain-resistant and very easy to clean.

In the modern setting, they are used mainly in furniture, cabinets and to create door features.

So, with a reliable and reputed paint company like Certified Painters INC, you will have multiple options and features available. Choosing the one or ones which seem most suitable for the interior of your commercial building will be the best decision.

Making the right choice will make your commercial building look beautiful without spending or trying too much.

With an excellent team of experienced field Superintendent, Managers and foreman, Certified Painters Inc is ready to take on your painting project. Call us at 626-399-8538 or use our Online Request Estimating Form.




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