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One of the most cost-effective and time-efficient building methods in recent years has been concrete tilt-up buildings. Often used in most industrial fields for warehouses and all types of distribution centers. Solid, practical and durable, they are adaptable to all kinds of uses, from gymnasiums to retail stores. Once they are built, however, concrete tilt-up’s need specialized painting services to prepare them for commercial or industrial use.

Most Tilt-Up concrete panels have an uneven or splotchy appearance when first stripped. These splotches usually fade after time. Uneven bond breaker application, standing water, slab porosity, and other factors can produce this effect. Sandblasting eliminates most of these inconsistencies. Washing also can improve appearance, but most Tilt-Up panels are eventually painted.

Before cleaning and painting panels, caulk joints and correct significant imperfections. The most frequently used paints are acrylic-based. Textured paints can be used for special effects. Banding or striping is a popular technique to produce variety and interest in Tilt-Up buildings. Reveals or recesses cast into the panel often are painted a contrasting or darker color for accent. The trompe l’oeil, or “fool-the-eye,” effect is quite striking and popular.

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